Drawn CUP Needle Roller Bearing With Retainer



⊙The outer ring of drawn cup needle roller bearing is punched with the steel sheet. It has the small sectional height and thelarge load carrying capacity and is suitable for economic mass production.
⊙The interference fit between outer ring and bearing housing is applied to this kind of needle roller bearing without axialfixing device. Even for the condition of high load, it fully maintains bearing function either. In addition, with the large greasestorage capacity, it is unnecessary to add grease for a long-term operation.
⊙Since one end of the close-end bearing is sealed, it is suitable for the end of shaft with bearing the small axial sliding
⊙Model HK, TA, TLA, open-end drawn cup needle roller bearings with retainer
⊙Model BK close-end drawn cup needle roller bearing with retainer
⊙Model SCE, BA, J, JH, drawn cup needle roller bearings (Inch series).

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